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Haytham Mouzahem my article in a--mustaqbal re Iraq's invasion

Lebanonwire, September 13, 2002 The Daily Star Arab Press Review PA leader’s comeuppance and Arab doublespeak The row between Palestinian legislators and President Yasser Arafat that led to the resignation of his Cabinet competes for front-page space in the Arab press with reports of America’s commemorations of the Sept. 11 anniversary and its ongoing diplomatic and military preparations for a blitz on Iraq. The pan-Arab daily Al-Quds al-Arabi sees the refusal by the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) to endorse Arafat’s ministerial lineup as both its “first real revolt” against him, and a “clear message” to the Americans that it wants the Palestinian Authority (PA) reformed to suit Palestinian, rather than Israeli, interests. Arafat’s eagerness to convene the PLC despite Israel’s attempts to prevent it from meeting shows that he was confident the legislature would do his bidding, i.e. give a vote of confidence to his reshuffled team of ministers. But he was trumped by m