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With new recognition, Bahraini protests continu

By Haytham Mouzahem This week, thousands of Bahraini citizens gathered in protest across several Shi’a cities and towns near the capital of Manama, calling for the removal of the royal Khalifa family regime. Protesters have also been voicing opposition to recent arrests of activists as well as the series of harsh charges that have been levied against detained protesters. Security forces reacted to the gatherings by firing tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. These escalations come after protesters decried what they consider harsh prison sentences given to hundreds of political opponents and dissenters. Most of the sentences range from five to 15 years of jail time, which protesters say is illegal, not discounting the fact that the sentences are based on false charges and confessions extracted under torture, they say. Sheikh Ali Salman, Secretary General of the Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, the main opposition group, said that the opposition will be seeking r