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Possibility of new government still uncertain in Lebanon Lebanon’s Prime Minister Najib Mikati By Justin Salhani BEIRUT, Lebanon – Political differences have prevented Lebanon from forming a new government, six months after the last one collapsed, as opposing political factions await new developments in the war in Syria. A cabinet could however be formed by later this month, according to a political source. “There is not any deal as of now [to form a government],” said Mohamad Machnouk, a political analyst who has been tipped by local media as a possible ministerial appointee. He did however say that a government could be assembled “after Eid [al-Adha] on the 20th, but that’s only an estimation.” When Prime Minister Najib Mikati resigned late last March he brought the government down with him. A political agreement brought forward Tamam Salam, son of former Prime Minister Saeb Salam, to take over the position of Prime Minister. The Prime Minister’s job is to form a gov

How sectarianism and regional powers foment terrorism in Iraq

By Haytham Mouzahem Terrorism in Iraq today is a parasite that thrives on sectarianism, its host, which allows terrorists to recruit fighters and suicide bombers and provides them a religious motive to operate against their enemies, mainly from other sects and religions, and sometimes from the same sect but from a different religious or political orientation. Obviously, Al Qaeda is responsible for the waves of terrorist blasts that targeted Iraqi cities this year, especially Shi’a towns and areas. But the timing of the rise of these attacks was related to the inflammation of the sectarian war in Syria and the involvement of many regional powers in this war. It is no longer a secret that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and other Sunni Gulf and Arab states are supporting the Syrian armed opposition against the Syrian regime of President Bashar Al-Assad, due to his alliance